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Gift For Shadowmarx by SparkTheShadowTiger
Gift For Shadowmarx
Title says it all :iconshadowmarx: hey man heres what your AI character would look like if he had a full body. I wanted his body to have somewhat of a grid design but i messed up pretty bad on the design. Im sorry if it didnt turn out right its just that this was a pain in the ass to do a ciber netic type design on the suit. I might later on go back and redraw this. So if i do ill let you know. Im really disapointed in how this came out and this isnt what i wanted it to look like. If i do redraw this ill let you know
Gift For XxXNightwriterXxX by SparkTheShadowTiger
Gift For XxXNightwriterXxX
This is a gift ive been wanting to do for one of my friends on here for along time. To my sister :iconxxxnightwriterxxx: And to all of my friends on here who are reading this. I want to appologize for my recent abscence on why i havent been online in awhile. Alot of things has been keeping my away from Deviant Art. Depression mostly plus Ive been haveung an artists block. Ever since ive discovered bases to draw characters ive been inspired to draw new things.

I also want to think :iconsky-yoshi: for the base that i used in this pic.
The time was 8 PM and the show was almost ready to start all of the fans were in the arena singing along to random songs that was being played over the loud speakers. One of those songs was Ennio Morricone's The Ecstasy of Gold from the movie The Good The Bad And the Ugly. Loopy was in the crowd singing along with the fans while clapping there hands trying to get the bands to come out. The fans were loud and they were ready. He couldn't believe he was being roadie for the night. Especially on the first show but oh well. He was going to get played $200.00 For doing this errand for Metallica as soon as the staff guy told him where he needed to go.

Meanwhile backstage both bands were getting ready for the show. Spark was sitting on the other side of the room alone tuning his Flying V Electric Guitar while everyone else in the Underground was talking to Metallica. At this point in time Spark was starting to feel guilty that his friend was going to miss most of the show over a stupid errand. But hey that's the life of being a roadie you gotta do what you gotta do.

Manic who was on the other side of the room spinning his drumsticks around turned and looked at Spark and noticed a sad expression on his face. He then gets up from his seat and walks over to Spark and asks,"Why the long face?"

"I'm kinda pissed off at the fact that Loopy won't be jamming with us,"Spark said sounding annoyed.

"I'll tell you what if Loopy comes back before the show ends I'll let Loopy take over, sound good?"Loopy said to Spark.

"Sounds like a deal," said Spark.

James was on the other end of the room and he claps his hands saying,"Alright guys Its show time! Let's get out there and show this crowd a kick ass show."

Everyone in both bands grabbed there instruments and walked out on stage. The Audience was going absolutely nuts when they seen both Metallica and the Sonic Underground on stage. Manic and Lars sat behind theyrendrumsets while Chris,  Tails, Rob, and Jason were carrying there bass guitars. Sonia sat behind her piano as well. Spark,Sonic James and Kirk were standing up front of the stage carryingntherenguitars.

James looked at the audience and yelled,"Are you ready!!!" The crowd cheereed in responds then James yelled Creeping Death!"

With that both bands began playing the intro to the first song. It lasted for 6 measures then everything stopped for a few seconds. After that Spark then starts playing the main riff to the song for a few measures. After that Manic and Lars played a quick drum fill which lead everyone else on stage into the main riff. This lasted for another 6 measures before James started singing the first verse while Rob, Sonia and Kirk sings backing vocals


Hebrews born to serve, to the pharaoh


To his every word, live in fear


Of the unknown one, the deliverer


Something must be done, four hundred years

The bands then went into the main riff for a  couple of measures. It was lead by Spark who was handling it perfectly putting all off his anger into a fast riff. It didnt sound like the studio but it sure as hell sounded good live. James looked at Spark with an impressed look in his face. He then turned to the crowd and begins singing the first chorus:

So let it be written

So let it be done

I'm sent here by the chosen one

Sing it Station Square!!

The crowd then jumps along singing the next part:

So let it be written

So let it be done

To kill the first born pharaohs son

James smiled and sang the next line:


Im Creeping Deeeeeeaaaaaaaath-ah

A quick riff was played. During this riff James ushered Sonic to sing the next verse. Sonic did this and the crowd gave him a huge pop reaction while singing the next verse next verse with him:

Now let my people go

To the land of the chosen


I will be with thee, bush of fire


Running red and strong, down the nile!


Darkness 3 days long, Heil to fire!!

After a quick riff Sonic looked out to the crowd and said,"Come on Station Square Let me hear it!!" He puts his hand near his ear like Hulk Hogan and the crowd starts singing along:

So let it be written

so let it be done! 

Im sent here by the choosen one!!

So let it be written

So let it be done

To kill the first born pharaohs son 

Sonic continued the next 2 lines:

Damn right! 


"Show Kirk what you got Sparky!" Yelled Sonic. With that Spark walked over to Kirk and both of them began playing seperate parts to the main solo of the song. Treating it like it was a guitar battle. Kirk would play the solo like he would do it live while Spark played it the way the studio recording sounded like. Sonic, James, Rob, Chris, Tails, and Sonia played the backing riff which was a faster version of the main riff, while Manic and Lars were playing random drum fills during there drum beat. One would question as to why those two were doing what they were doing. 

Soon the solo came to an end as both Spark and Kirk held down a long note which lead both bands into the die die riff. We see the camera turning to Both Manic and Lars drumset as it was hanging in the air above there heads. As a stage floor effect a pool of blood started to leak from underneath both Manic's and Lar's drumsets. The crowd went nuts with cheers to this. As the guitarists were all walking across the stage the 3d effects made it look like foot prints from the shoes were showing in the blood. The music slowly dies down and James, Kirk, Sonia, Spark and Sonic stopped playing there instruments while Rob, Manic, Chris, and Tails continued to play theres keeping the main riff going. 

The camera then turns to Chris who walks up to an open mic on stage. He then ushers the crowd sounding like a young Jason Newstead,"ALRIGHT EVERYONE! WE NEED TO MAKE IT LOUD IN HERE!! LET ME HEAR YOU ALL CHANT IT! DIE! DIE DIE!"

The fans obeyed what Chris said and the crowd starts chanting  the word "Die!" Over and over again. 

The camera then turns to Loopy who was sitting in the crowd chanting along with the crowd when the same guy who stopped Loopy at the beginning of our story walked up from behind and said,"Loopy!" 

Loopy stopped chanting  and turned to the staff worker and said, "WHAT?!" Screaming on top of his lines  so the staff worker can here him.

The staff worker motioned him to follow him in a hallway. Loopy turned back at the stage and gave one last look at Spark on stage and said to himself, 'Forgive me my friend.'

Back on stage everyone else in both bands begins playing the "Die riff". Chris then starts singing the next verse while the fans and everyone else on stage chanted die:










Chris held that last line throughout the rest of that riff the bands Played. After it ended both Spark and Kirk played a quick solo, then James jumped back in singing the next verse:


Rule the midnight air, the destroyer 


I shall soon be there, deadly mass 

I creep the steps and floor, final darkness 


Land blood painted floor, I shall pass

A quick riff was played then James called to the crowd,"STATION SQUARE! FINISH IT OFF!" James picked up his microphone and the camera turns to the crowd who were singing the final chorus to the song :

So let it be written

So let it be done

Im sent here by the chosen one!

So let t be written

So let it be done

To kill the first born pharaoh's son

James then Vocalized the last few lines:

Damn right

IM Creeping Deeeeeeaaaaaaaath-ah 

With that the bands begin playing the main riff again except this time around, Spar, Sonic, Kirk, and James walked up to eachother and played a harmonizing solo while the fans were vocalizing each note. Sonia added symphony styled notes on her piano makeing it sound like it had an Egyptian feel. This lasted for a few measures before the band begins playing the intro riff again but this time it sounded a little different but in a faster pace. After that the bands played the outro of the song. James, Sonic, Sonia, Chris, Tails, Rob, Manic and Lars all held a long note while Spark and Kirk played one more dueling guitar solo. After this the band then turned the ending into a medley of Metallicas two songs Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and Fight Fire With Fire, were all heard in one epic ending. After the song was over, the crowd went absolutely nuts and applauded both bands with cheers and "Yes chants". The whole stadium then fades to black and the crowd couldnt wait to see what would happen next.

up Next-Loopy's Wild Assignment Plus Metallicas For Whom The Bell Tolls
Project Through The Never Chapter 1
So as soon as the show starts it looks like theres going to be some conflict what will happen  during Loopys errand? More to come
This story is for fan fiction purposes only Creeping Death belongs to Metallica, All original Sonic characters belong to Sega. Spark belongs to me Loopy belongs to Yoshies Best Pal
The scene opens up at the Station Square Mega Dome where a 2014  Ford Mustang pulled up in the outside parking lot. Metallic as song 'Whiplash' was playing over the cars stereo system. The door of the Mustang opens up and a fat guy wearing a pair of black jeans, black spiked boots a Metallica Master of Puppets shirt and a Blue vest. As he looked through the parking lot he spotted a sign that said, "Metallica and Sonic Underground Through The Never Tour! Live tonight at 8 p.m.!"

The fat guy gets excited and hops up on the top part of his car and yells,"FUCK YEAH ITS FINALLY HAPPENING METALLIC-UNDERGROOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUND!" The fat guy then slips and falls off of his car and says,"I'm OK!!!!"

On the other side of the parking lot 3 boys at the age of 20 who were also members of the Sonic Underground, were riding through the parking lot on skateboards. There names were Spark Stevens, Chris Thorndyke, and Lucas 'Loopy' Lynch were heading towards the stadium.

Spark jumps up in the air while doing an Ollie says,"Man this is going to be a kick ass show tonight. Our first show back on tour with the Underground and the best thing about this is we're touring with Metallica!"

"I'm just thank full that Sonic was able to let me tag along with ya guys tonight. Can't wait to have a drum battle with Lars and Manic. This is going to be one kick ass summer vacation!"said Loopy doing a kick flip after he was finished talking.

"Yeah it sure is gonna be fun,"said Chris smirking, I wonder what Surprises does Metallica has in store for tonight."

"I hope that since technology for live shows have been evolving we might be seeing some new effects." said Loopy

Spark looked at his friends and said,"Last one in the stadium pays for drinks After the show!" Spark yelled picking up his speed.

"Hey Wait up!" Yelled Chris.

Meanwhile inside the stadiums parking garage, Sonic, Manic, Tails, and Sonia were all standing behind the tour van waiting for Spark, Chris, and Loopy. Sonia was starting to become a little impatient with the boys. She then growls and says,"Where are those boys If they arrive here late we won't be having band practice. We can't afford to mess up on this oppertunity!"

"Sis release its only 5, Spark and Chris just went to pick up Loopy and they'll be here soon. Just chill,"Manic said putting a hand on Sonia's shoulder.

Sonia sighed relaxing a bit and said,"I'm sorry guys Its our first show with a big band and I want to make a good first impression."

"All is forgiven sis. You just need to stay calm,"said Sonic

"Speaking of the guys,"Tails said pointing to the left.

The camera turns and we see Spark, Chris, and Loopy arriving inside of the stadium parking lot. They then stopped in front of Sonic and his friends.

"Sorry we're late, had to go meet Loopy on the other side of town,"said Chris

Sonic turned to Sonia and said,"See what did I tell you?"

Sonia just turned her head to the other direction and ignored her brother.

"So where's MetLlica at?"Loopy asked.

"James isn't here yet. Only Jason, Rob, and kirk and Lars are here. They told us to wait out here and meet with James. James had some rules he'd like to discuss with us."said Sonic.

"Are we in trouble?" Spark asked sounding a bit nervous in his voice.

"Why would we be in trouble?"Manic asked sounding confused. In his mind Manic said to himself gee and I thought sis worried to much'.

"Well the reason why I asked was because we arrived late because Loopy lives on the other side of town," Spark replied

"Yeah I can't help where I live,  you guys know that," Loopy explained.

"I'm pretty sure Mr. Hetfield is a reasonable guy,"Tails said nodding.

There was a loud explosion sound echoeing throughout the garage as a sports car pulled up in front of Sonic and his friends. Flames was shooting out of the back side of the car. The driver side car window rolls down and it reveals James Hetfield front man  of Metallica pokeing his head out of the window. He had a facial expression that shown seriousness. The sunglasses that he was wearing made it look like he was staring right through you. Almost as if he was stareing directly into the Underground's souls. This gave Sonic and his friends an uncomfortable feeling.

As James pulled into a parking spot he turned off his car and the flames that were shooting out of the back part of the car were replaced with a black cloud smoke that came out of the cars exhaust pipes then disappears. After that James got out of the car and said looking at the underground smirking and said,"So did the others told you to wit for me?"

"Yeah they did," Sonic said gulping aafter he finished his sentence. "Kirk said something about you explaining the ropes giving rules."

"Yeah He was right,"James said,"I have some rules I'd like to discuss." He then walks over to Sonic and looks at his friends saying,"Rule Number 1. Don't screw this tour up for the fans. We're going to have this tour documented and hopefully put in theaters. Rule number 2: Since Jason is going to be here don't bring up anything from the past as to why he quit. He'd rather keep to himself so I wouldn't ask him lot of questions if I was you, Rule number 3, Don't mention anything to Lars about the Dave Mustang incidents or ANYTHING about the whole Napster lawsuit. Last time someone asked us about it and he went off on a newspaper reporter."He then paused for a brief second then said,"Last rule is just have fun. If you can follow these rules you guys will do fine."

Sonic nodded and said,"Understood."

"Now let's get inside and help get the stage set up. We have 3 hours to get this done."said James instructing them.

As group went inside the back stage area tons of staff was running around busy like a bunch of chickens with their head chopped off. One of the staff stopped Loopy and asked "Uh what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help the Underground out with the con"Loopys sentence was stopped as the staff member spoke up and said,"Good could you stick around the area? I have an errand I want you to run."

Loopy looked onto his friends who was already halfway down the hall. A look of disappointment shown in his face. This wasn't what he had planned but then again he couldn't deny this workers need for help. It went like him to not do this. Loopy then gritted his teeth in annoyance and said,"Sure,"

"Alright thank you," said the staff worker. "Just stick around inside the stadium and I'll come get you when I'm ready OK?"

Loopy nodded and went to follow his friends. He sighed and said to himself, 'This isn't what I had planned.' 

As the group made it inside the arena construction workers were busy putting the stage together. James turned to Sonics band and said,"We got some surprises in store for you guys and the fans tonight".

"What type of surprises?"Tails asked.

"You'll see,"said James.

Spark turned and seen Loopy already sitting in the stands and noticed a sad expression on his face. Spark left the group and joined joined his friend on stage and asked,"What's wrong?"

Loopy sighed and said,"I got asked to run an errand. I thought I'd be able to jam with you guys but.."

"Hey don't worry. If you get it done quick enough you could still jam." Spark stopped and said,"Want some advice?"

Loopy sighed and said,"Sure,"

"When the time comes dont hesitate. Just act."said Spark.

"How's that gonna help me?"Loopy said sounding annoyed.

Spark gave a cocky smirk as he jumped off the stands and said with his back turned,"You'll know soon. Trust me."

The screen then fades to black thus ending the intro.
Project Through The Never Intro
So its finally here the long anticipated wait for the Sonic Underground and Metallica cross over is here. First off i would like to say that i got inspiration to right my own Sonic Underground and Metallica story thanks to writters fanwriter3 and My good friend Yoshies Best Pal. This whole story is basicallly going to be a parody of Metallicas new movie Through The Never which was a concert based and a narative story. In this story my friend Yoshies Best Pals Character Loopy will be playing the part as Trip (hence all of this is a parody story.) Anyways Through the Never belongs to Metallica Sonic underground belongs to Sega Loopy belongs to YBP and Spark belongs to me.
Spark Rockin out by SparkTheShadowTiger
Spark Rockin out
Spark in his hedgehog form playing guitar. Special thanks to :iconshadowninja976: for allowing me to use one of his Shadow drawings as a pose for my character drawing. And special Thanks A long time friend :iconkaiijinteshi: for helping me color my drawing in digitally. Ill upload the line art soon


United States
My names SparkTheShadowTiger. I am an artist and a fanfic writer. I'm also a big music fan and video game fan. I grown up watching 90's shows like WCW, WWF, ECW, the classic Sonic the hedgehogs cartoons, Dragon Ball, Dragon ball Z, Alex MAc Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and a whole bunch of other Japanese cartoons that i liked watching growing up.
I am also a fan of WWF's Attitude era. I'm proud to say that I grown up watching and wittnissing Wrestlers Like Goldberg, Triple H, shawn Michaels Undertaker, stone Cold, Mc Folley and a whole bunch of other wrestlers who were in the attitude era. I am thankful to be a 90's kid and proud of it.

Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
MP3 player of choice: Coby
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic The Hedgehog
Personal Quote: Judege yes judge I think its important i think its important that I see that hammer thingy!
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Bad 25 album Michael Jackson
  • Reading: Dragon Ball Z Manga and Sonic Archie originals
  • Watching: Sonic X and Sonic Underground WWE
  • Playing: WWE Day of Reckoning 2
  • Eating: Chips and Dip
  • Drinking: Gatorade
In the words of Wade Barret,"Im afraid ive got some bad news". Apparently ive lost all motivation to write my Road To Wrestlemania Story Spark Vs Dr. Eggman. I dont know why Im feeling this way. Guess its lack of creativity. Every time I start on the first match of the storyline which was supposed to be Wade Barret Vs Spark in Extreme rules for the tournament entry Ive lost all motivatiin. Ive been looking at past Hardcore and Extreme Rules matches to get some ideas but for some reason I cant even get motivated to write it. Lately ive been more interested in writing my own Sonic Underground and Metallica cross over more than the wrestlemania one.
I have no idea why i cant continue the other one. Anyways im sorry to those who was looking forward to this story. Hopefully later on in the future I can continue the wrestling story.

Anyways thanks for your patience much appreciated

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